Scholar Day 2016 68

How Can I Be a Part of Hartford Promise?

There are many ways that you can be a part of the start of Hartford Promise. Our goals are ambitious, and we will need your help to transform our city and transform lives.

Hartford Promise belongs to all of us, and your embrace is invaluable and your involvement will help to see our goals realized. Below is a list of ways that you can contribute to Hartford Promise, but know that we are open to any suggestions that you may have.

  • Help organize and host a Promise Gathering
  • Become a Promise Scholar Mentor (for high school or college students)
  • Offer Internships for students
  • Connect us with support services
  • Volunteer in our office
  • Partake in Promise Engagement Groups (PEG)
  • Become a Promise Fellow or Intern
  • Donate to Hartford Promise

Thank you for your interest and willingness to volunteer at Hartford Promise!  Please email us at or call us at 860.956.5310 to learn more.

Help Hartford Students Reach Higher.