For Students

4 steps to Qualify for the Hartford Promise Scholarship

  1. Attend a Hartford Public High School continuously since 9th grade
  2. Be a Hartford resident throughout high school
  3. Have a 93 % or better cumulative attendance record during high school
  4. Have a 3.0 cumulative GPA or better on a 4.0 scale in high school

Accomplish these four goals and you become a  Promise Scholar!

How to Succeed

  • Stay above track – reach for a 3.0+ GPA and strive to always be present and engaged in school every day
  • Make yourself KNOWN – get involved, become a school leader who is respected and known by teachers and staff members that can support your college dream
  • Envision your future! Pursue your vision!
  • Reach higher in everything you do and always GIVE. ALL. YOU. CAN.

When Will Hartford Promise Recognize “On-Track” Scholars?

Hartford Public Schools will identify “on-track” Promise Scholars based on attendance, residency, and academic record by the end of first semester of senior year.  “On-track” Promise Scholars must maintain all four qualifications through graduation and:

  • Complete and return Promise info packet
  • Submit Proof of Hartford Residency
  • Complete the FAFSA on time
  • Apply for at least 2 additional scholarships
  • Submit any changes to your contact information as they occur. This includes home and school addresses, phone numbers, and emails
  • Official Promise Scholars will be announced in June

What Are the On-Going Responsibilities of Promise Scholars Once in College?

  • Begin using the scholarship within one academic year of high school graduation (ex: if you graduate in June 2019, you must begin using Hartford Promise funds by September 2020)
  • Provide proof of enrollment in a not-for-profit college or university full-time for the full academic year
  • Remain in good standing with their college or university as defined by those institutions
  • Provide a Hartford Promise Scholarship transfer form if changing college or university
  • Become a Peer Mentor to rising Promise Scholars
  • Participate in annual Promise Scholar Day


Eligible High Schools

  • Bulkeley, Teacher Prep & Humanities
  • High School, Inc.
  • Academy of Engineering & Green Technology at HPHS
  • Law and Government Academy at HPHS
  • Academy of Nursing & Health Sciences at HPHS
  • Culinary Arts Academy at Weaver High School
  • Global Communications Academy IB
  • Capital Community College Magnet Academy
  • Capital Preparatory Magnet
  • Classical Magnet
  • Great Path Academy Middle College HS
  • Pathways Academy of Technology & Design
  • Kinsella Magnet School of Performing Arts
  • Sport & Medical Sciences Academy
  • Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy
  • University High School of Science & Engineering
  • Journalism & Media Academy Magnet School
  • Achievement First Hartford High School