For Parents/Educators

A Note to Parents, Teachers, Counselors, Deans and Principals

Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez, Superintendent of Schools & Richard Sugarman, President of Hartford Promise celebrate Promise Scholar Day

We want Hartford Promise to contribute to the work that each of you is doing to ensure our children’s success. We want to work alongside all those interested in making Hartford Promise a magnetic and powerful tool that motivates and provides incentives for all students to improve their academic outcome, habits, and mindsets.

To the parents, we know that you are your child’s first teacher and that you know your child best. Our belief is that if all of us – parents, guardians, students, and educators – commit to a common goal of college success, we can realize the high hopes and dreams you have for your child.

Teachers: please know that over the coming months we hope to be adding links for you and your students to gain access to tools and resources that will help students stay on or above track for a Promise Scholarship. We look forward to your thoughts and suggestions on how Hartford Promise can be a useful partner in your work.

We would like to connect with each of you to learn about your individual schools and families to work together to ensure that all our children are aware, excited, and focused on becoming Promise Scholars.

Reach out, give us a call. We want to know….

  • What is your current understanding of or knowledge about HP?
  • What would a $20,000 scholarship have meant to you? How would it have changed your life, decisions, and trajectory?
  • How can we together make this as clear, understood, well known, and motivational for students?
  • How can we be most effective in getting your student or child to see the significance of Hartford Promise?
  • What do you need from us to make this work and matter for you, your students, your children and your schools?
  •  Parents and families, how can we help ensure that educators and parents are Promise Partners?