Meet the Team

President’s Welcome

Richard-standing picProviding the highest quality education and opening all the doors of possibility for every child in our community has been a core value and longstanding priority for me. Hartford Promise offers a transformative opportunity to make the dream of higher education a reality for Hartford students. I’m very excited to begin this work alongside the Hartford Promise Champions and the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education who have made a powerful statement of commitment with their financial and organizational investments in Hartford Promise. I hope many others will join us in making HP a reality and in sustaining Hartford Promise – the Promise that all our children deserve. At Hartford Promise we will be relentless in our effort to reduce or eradicate the significant role that luck plays in the equation of success. Be it the ‘luck’ to have financial resources, ‘luck’ to find the right supports, ‘luck’ to connect with caring adults, ‘luck’ to find supportive peers, ‘luck’ to make the right college decisions, or ‘luck to have a good college transition,’ …we will be working to make sure that every Promise scholar has access to each of these resources. So I am asking you to get on board and be a part of the start – this promise, this responsibility belongs to all of us! -Richard

Team Bios






Hartford Promise Board of Directors

The board of directors serve as advisers and advocates in the development of Hartford Promise with particular focus on engaging the support of the business, philanthropic, and the general community.


Robert E. Patricelli, Chairman, President & CEO, Women’s Health USA

Walter Harrison, Former President, University of Hartford

Board Members

Martin Estey, PhD, Executive Director, Hartford Consortium for Higher Education

Jeffery A. Flaks, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Hartford HealthCare

Oz Griebel, President & CEO, MetroHartford Alliance

Marlene Ibsen, Chief Executive Officer and President, Travelers Foundation

Thea Montanez, Chief of Staff, Mayor Luke Bronin

Hugh F. Murray III, Partner, McCarter and English

Ronna Reynolds, Exec VP, Bushnell Center for Performing Arts

Mark Scheinberg, President, Goodwin College

Craig Stallings, Chair, Hartford Board of Education

Richard Sugarman, President, Hartford Promise

Deidre Tavera, Chief Engagement and Partnership Officer, Hartford Public Schools

Leslie Torres-Rodriguez, Superintendent, Hartford Public Schools

Denise Zamore, Senior Associate General Counsel, United Healthcare