Two Years of Results and Successes

  • There are 257 Hartford Promise Scholars

  • They will receive $3,100,000 in scholarships

  • They are attending 53 colleges, public and private, all over the country

  • 89% persisted successfully in their first year of college

These students represent 17 Hartford Public High Schools – broadly spread among neighborhood schools, magnet schools, and our charter high school. This is a diverse group of students, coming from every Hartford neighborhood and representing multiple races, nationalities and cultures. The vast majority of these students are low income minority students, and first-generation college goers.

Promise Scholars are attending colleges and universities all over the country including:  Yale, Wesleyan, UCONN, Franklin & Marshall, Lafayette College, Goodwin College, Quinnipiac, Mount Holyoke, University of Saint Joseph, Trinity, Capital Community College, Springfield College, Eastern Connecticut State University, Tufts University, University of Hartford, Central Connecticut State University, Manchester Community College, Wellesley and many more.



It is important to note that other Promise cities like Denver, Pittsburgh, and Kalamazoo have been using the Promise Scholarship approach for years. Their collective data demonstrates significant and important results on the Promise’s ability to impact student outcomes. Below are some of their significant findings:

Denver Promise Results

A new evaluation of Denver’s Promise Scholarship program shows encouraging results as students are able to leverage additional dollars to fund their college education and become contributing taxpayers.


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Kalamazoo Promise Results

In a paper released on June 25, 2015, the Kalamazoo Promise college scholarship program is estimated to increase college completion by one-third.


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