About Hartford Promise


The Hartford Promise Scholarship

Promise Scholars will receive a college scholarship of up to $20,000

  • Students attending any accredited, not-for-profit 4-year college or university will receive up to $5,000 per year if attending full time
  • Students attending any accredited, not-for-profit 2-year college will receive up to $2,500 per year if attending full time
  • The Hartford Promise Award is a last-dollar scholarship. This means that the award is given after all individual grants, financial aid, and other scholarships have been applied to the scholar’s account

Supports, Services, Key Relationships

In addition to offering scholarships, Hartford Promise REACHES FORWARD and REACHES BACK allowing every Hartford student to REACH HIGHER in their college aspirations.

Reach Forward

Hartford Promise builds strong college and university partnerships to make sure that every Promise Scholar is KNOWN and provided the transitional support and services proven to increase the likelihood for college success, including:

  • Mentoring
  • Peer-to-Peer support networks
  • “Navigating College” resources for students and parents
  • Internships and other work opportunities

Reach Back

Working closely with Hartford Public Schools, we ensure that students are college aware, college focused, and academically on track for college admission and success. We partner with eligible high schools, with the goal to reach students and families by fifth grade.

Hartford Promise coordinates college access, college prep, and support services available through the Hartford Public School system, as well as those provided by local Community Organizations and other institutions. Our goal is to know what is available and help Hartford students take full advantage of all resources.

Our Ambitious Goals

Our goals are ambitious.  Just like our students.

Hartford Promise will ensure that every aspiring Hartford student has access to the financial resources and support mechanisms that are essential for college success.

Within the next 6 years, we will strive to …

  • Increase the number of Promise Scholars from 140 students each year to 200 students
  • Increase the number of college-bound students in Hartford from 500 students (50%) to 700 students (70%)
  • Increase the percentage of Hartford students on track for college graduation from 50% to 75%
  • Grow the number of college graduates from 230 students (23%) to 430 students (43%)

Hartford Promise has raised the needed funds to provide Promise Scholarships to students through the Class of 2019. Additional funds will be required to support future classes.  We are actively pursuing funding for the Class of 2020 and beyond.