Promise Scholar Day

Hartford Promise is more than a Scholarship.  Our integrated model includes college support services to give students the best opportunity to excel in their post-secondary goals.

Every August, Promise Scholar Day lays the foundation for student engagement for our new class of Scholars in the Hartford Promise community.  We want Scholars to see us as a resource to answer questions, connect them to campus support services, a platform for discussion, and as someone they can count on.


That’s A Lot of Scholars!

The Promise Scholar Class of 2016: 144 Scholars.

The Promise Scholar Class of 2017: 113 Scholars.

The New Promise Scholar Class of 2018:  130 Scholars

Promise Scholar Day 2018 is on August 14 

If you are interested in volunteering on this inspiring day, please contact us!

Bringing Scholars to a college campus makes Promise Scholar Day uniquely powerful. A special thanks to Central Connecticut State University for generously hosting the first Promise Scholar Day!